Ongoing thesis

PhD thesis

Demant, L. (2016-...): Konzepte, Ziele und Maßnahmen im deutschen Waldnaturschutz - vergleichende Analyse, Erfolgsbewertung und Möglichkeiten zur Weiterentwicklung.

Fried, O. (2011-...): A comparative analysis of rice weed communities in Vietnam and the Philippines with special focus on the biodiversity and its relating ecosystem functions.

Goral, F. (2017 - ...): Long-term changes of macrophyte vegetation in standing water bodies of northwest Germany - Threats and perspectives.

Schellenberg, J. (2012 - ...): Vitalität der Besenheide (Calluna vulgaris) in trockenen Zwergstrauchheiden entlang von Klima-, Struktur- und Diversitätsgradienten.


Bachelor and Master thesis

Bänsch, J.: Title will be announced later. MSc.

Barlang, M: The effect of grazing on vegetation and forest development in the woodland pasture project Solling. BSc.

Pape, F.: Title will be announced later. MSc.

Utermann, S.: Spatially explicit analysis of species-environment relationships in the Prespa National Park (Greece) based on a large floristic dataset. MSc.

Wolbeck, D.: Title will be announced later. MSc.

Zieschang, P.: Title will be announced later. MSc.



List of thesis of former graduates